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Baroque, Rococo

Art style which originated in 17th century Rome and spanned the period of time up until the late 18th - early 19th century. Baroque art was purposely trying to set itself apart from the Renaissance period which preceded it, with its use of color palette, lighting, contrast and composition. Unlike more calm scenes of Renaissance, Baroque focuses on moments of greater movement and emotion. Another characteristic of the style was the use of allegory - the paintings told a story or had a message, oftentimes hidden in symbols and depicted characters.

Rococo, which is also known as Late Baroque, is characterized by its exceedingly ornamental style which combines pastel colors and asymmetry. It began in 1730 France as a reaction to a more geometric "Louis XIV style". Rococo differentiated itself from Baroque by partially abandoning symmetry, the abundant use of curves and flowers, and by invoking Chinese and Japanese motifs.

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